About us

Semper Silesiana Association

SEMPER SILESIANA Association was established in 2020. Its aim is to promote Silesian culture, history and tradition through information and publishing activities. In 2021, an online platform was opened, which can be found at: http://sempersilesiana.pl/. Currently, the association is working on the publication of Teki Pamięci – memoirs about Silesia by the oldest inhabitants of the region, the cyclical publication of the Regional Bedeker, the free online magazine Silesiana and the project Virtual Museum of Silesia.

Membership declaration to download


1. The ordinary association is called SEMPER SILESIANA. In the further provisions of the regulations it is called the Association.
2. The area of operation of the Association is the Opolskie Province.
3. The seat of the Association is the locality of Żyrowa.
4. The Association is established for an indefinite period of time. It acts on the basis of the present regulations and the provisions of  the Act of 7 April 1989. Law on Associations.
5. The activity of the Association is based on the social work of its members.
6. The objectives of the Association are:

  • Propagation of Silesian culture
  • Creating a Silesian micronation.
  • Broadening the knowledge of Silesia
  • Creating a centre of Silesian culture.

7. The Association pursues its objectives through:

  • Information and publishing activities,
  • Fundraising,
  • Organisation of all kinds of meetings and cultural events,
  • Cooperation with other associations.

8. A member of the Association may be an individual with full legal capacity and not deprived of public rights, being a Polish citizen or a foreigner.

9. New members are accepted by the Meeting of Members by resolution adopted within 10 days from the date of submission of a declaration containing the recommendation of two members.

10. Member has the right:

  • Decide about the matters of the association,
  • Have a voice in the affairs of the association,
  • Call a meeting of the members.

11. The member is obliged to:

  • Actively participate in the association,
  • Support the activities of the association,
  • Pay the membership fees.

12. The membership in the association ceases as a result of:

  • Lack of involvement in the association’s activities,
  • Gross violation of the by-laws,
  • Harmful activity against the ideals of the association.

13. The excluded or struck off person has the right to appeal to the Members Assembly within 7 days from the date of delivery of the resolution in writing. The Meeting of Members considers the appeal during its next session, and its decision is final.

14. The authorities of the Association are:

  • The Meeting of Members,
  • Representative.

15. Decisions of the Meeting of Members are made in an open vote. The Meeting may decide to hold a secret ballot.

16. Resolutions of the Meeting of Members of the Association are adopted by a simple majority of votes in the presence of at least half of the persons entitled to vote, unless the regulations provide otherwise.

  • in matters defined in par. 19 items. 6-10 the presence of all members of the Association is required.

17. The General Meeting of Members is the supreme authority of the Association, which makes decisions on all matters within the scope of activity of the Association, unless the regulations state otherwise.

18. The competences of the General Meeting include

  • setting directions for action and development,
  • election and dismissal of the Representative,
  • acceptance and dismissal of members,
  • adoption of amendments to the by-laws,
  • taking decisions on the dissolution of the Association,
  • decision making about the acquisition and disposal of real estate or the right of perpetual usufruct,
  • decision to establish a limited property right,
  • decision to conclude a credit or loan agreement,
  • decision to take over a debt, to acknowledge a debt, to discharge a debt, to join a debt, to conclude a suretyship agreement or to conclude any other similar agreement,
  • making decisions on incurring other liabilities exceeding the value of PLN 10,000.

19. The Meeting of Members is called by a representative or 1/3 of the members of the Association. The Meeting of the Members is led by the Chairman of the Meeting.

20. The Association is represented by a Representative elected by the Meeting of Members for a 3-year term. The representative can be dismissed by the Meeting of Members.

21. The representative’s scope of action includes

  • representing the association outside,
  • managing the property of the association,
  • convening the meeting of members.

22. Making decisions by the representative which exceed the powers of ordinary management requires the approval of all members of the association. These are in particular

  • acquisition and disposal of real estate or the right of perpetual usufruct,
  • establishment of a limited property right,
  • conclusion of a credit or loan agreement,
  • the assumption of a debt, the acknowledgement of a debt, the discharge of a debt, accession to a debt, the conclusion of a suretyship agreement or the conclusion of another similar agreement,
  • incurring other obligations exceeding the value of PLN 10,000.

23 The funds for the activities of associations come from

  • membership fees,
  • grants,
  • donations,
  • public collections,
  • bequests, legacies,
  • income from the property of the association.

24. The decision on changing the regulations and dissolving the Association is taken by the Meeting of Members by a simple majority of votes in the presence of at least 2/3 of the members entitled to vote. When passing a resolution to dissolve the Association, the Meeting of Members determines the destination of the remaining financial means of the Association.

25. In matters not regulated herein the provisions of the Act – Law on Associations shall apply.